Can I Beat the Breathalyzer?

Many have claimed and even written on the idea of how to beat a breathalyzer device.  As far as ignition interlock devices go, there are many built in features that are incorporated into the device to prevent someone from being able to fool it.  Many of these rules are required by the state that they are certified in.  These built in processes can be include breath temperature sensing, human hum tone features, suck back features, and many more.  The devices are also built to detect tampering or circumvention of the device if it is attempted to be wired around or bypassed.  

The Discovery show Myth Busters also ran a show on beating a breathalyzer.  They tested some of the common myths that are associated with fooling a breathalyzer device.  Click here to see a YouTube clip of the testing they performed and the results.  

Some people though don't want to take our word for it and will inevitably try themselves.  I have heard many people over the years who have claimed that they work on cars, have a friend who told them a trick, as well as many other stories.  Many have found out the hard way that these devices have technology built in that makes it all but impossible to beat.  

Still interested in trying to beat the ignition interlock device?  A few things you should know before getting yourself into a bad situation.  Many states, including Kansas, have laws that are meant to deter any suitor from trying their hand at getting around a state ordered ignition interlock device.  Kansas has enacted penalties for any attempted tampering or circumvention of an ignition interlock device.  Please read our article under Kansas DUI laws section under 8-1017, it outlines the penalties for tampering or circumventing an ignition interlock device.  This is something that happens rarely, but a risky chance to take.