Can Ignition Interlock Lower Insurance Rates?

Unfortunately, the answer is generally no.  Most states require that when you have ignition interlock on your vehicle that you also have SR-22 insurance.  The SR-22 Insurance is required for a set number of years depending on what state you live in.  

Most ignition interlock clients that we have worked with have expressed that the SR-22 process can be confusing.  You should check with a professional to make sure you are in compliance.  Richard E. Oswalt is an attorney that specializes in criminal defense and you can learn more about SR-22 insurance on his website.

Smart Start of Kansas, provides Kansas Ignition Interlock and has for over a decade.  We have been providing discrete, high quality, low cost, reliable ignition interlock devices for more Kansas than anyone else over since we have been in business.  We receive friend referrals all the time, because we believe in treating people right.  If you need a Kansas Ignition Interlock, we would be happy to help you get your license back.

Call us at 1-866-747-8278, or apply for interlock installation online.

Smart Start will fill out your paperwork, file it with the state, report on a monthly basis proving compliance and provide you with 24 hour service.  Smart Start is the best ignition interlock device in Kansas, and wants the opportunity to prove it.  We want to earn your business.

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